To unite and inspire the world through the shared celebration of fandom.

Our Promise To You

We're Fans First

We're a company run by fans. We unabashedly celebrate nostalgic moments and characters — from famous heroes to infamous villains, and everyone inbetween. We know what it’s like to track down that "holy grail" collectible or stand in meet-and-greet lines for an autograph. It's why we’re dedicated to working closely with creators and licensed partners to imagine new products and experiences for our Looters. Where else could you find a Sonic Spork for your cereal?

We Love You

Okay, now that we've gotten our feelings out there, and while we really hope you love us too, we just want you to feel like a good friend is sending you an awesome care package. Everything we develop — including themes and original content — is so you can totally immerse yourself in the stuff you love!